Why invest in Turkey, what are its benefits? Do you know the best 4 investments?

invest in turkey

Why do most investors choose to invest in Turkey? Well, when you have a desire to invest your money, you definitely do not want to waste it in an investment that is not guaranteed results and is not profitable, so you are always looking for a suitable and safe ground for this investment and a strong economy that continues to develop and prosper, for this reason investors turn to Turkey, which is One of the most promising countries in the field of investment and the ideal destination for those who want to achieve real profits in a record period.

Why invest in Turkey?

invest in Turkey

Every year, the number of foreign investors who are pumping their capital into the Turkish investment market is increasing, as Turkey is one of the countries that provides the necessary environment for the success of any investment, in addition to the incentive measures taken by the Turkish government as a welcome step in the framework of supporting investment in Turkey by foreigners.

Why invest in Turkey, what are its benefits?

Given Turkey’s long history and its relations with various countries, we can undoubtedly be sure that the advantages of investing in it are countless, and we mention the most important of them:

  1. The Turkish citizenship that is granted to investors according to specific conditions.
  2. Turkey is a center of trade with an economy ranked among the 20 most powerful economies in the world.
  3. A center of attraction for tourists throughout the year.
  4. It forms a bridge between Europe and Asia and a trade route linking the two continents.
  5. A long history that embraced many civilizations and cultures, which makes them open to all countries and coexist with them.
  6. The advanced infrastructure that secures the requirements for the success of any investment.
  7. Tax cuts for investors.
  8. The cost of living and raw materials is low compared to Europe.
  9. Real estate prices are lower than in Europe and you can reap real profits through real estate investment.
  10. Diversity and flexibility of the Turkish investment market.

What are the best sector to invest in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey in various fields brings great profits, but if we want to elect the most attractive sectors for capital, they are:

1.     Investment in construction and real estate:

The real estate sector is one of the largest and most important investment sectors in Turkey. Turkey is considered a center for attracting investors, as there are many investment opportunities for investors concerned with real estate investment, especially Arab investors who are attracted to investing in Turkish real estate in general, and the real estate market in Istanbul in particular.

The Turkish real estate market has witnessed a wide growth and prosperity in recent years, and high rates of purchase of real estate by foreign investors have been recorded.

The most prominent feature of the Turkish real estate market is that it is a strong market, and the second most active construction market in the world, Turkey ranks fourth among the top ten real estate investment sites globally, due to its strong infrastructure and facilities, and the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners wishing to own property and Investment.

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2.     Investment in the technical and information technology sector:

The Turkish government shows great interest in the technical sector and information technology to the extent that it recently launched its own electronic portal to automate the work of most of the state’s states and save time and effort for citizens, as the electronic portal allows them to benefit from many services and extract some papers without the need to visit state departments And time wasted waiting.

Many Turkish universities include a special branch for software and technology, which would facilitate entering the investment market in the field of technical development for investors and graduates of these universities, and despite the large number of investors in this field, it still contains some gaps that allow more Investors access and develop this market.

3.     Fashion and Textiles:

The textile sector is the most important driver of the Turkish economy, and the textile industry is one of the oldest industries that Turkey was famous for in the past, and which kept pace with development and modernity, preserving its originality, which we consider an integral part of Turkey’s history.

Turkish textiles are the most popular products in Turkey in terms of sales and exports, and are preferred by tourists who want to buy souvenirs. Turkish textiles occupy most of the markets, especially the Arab and Middle Eastern markets.

This sector affects many factors of the Turkish economy from providing job opportunities or exporting textiles, as Turkey’s exports of clothing and textiles are estimated at about 30 billion dollars annually.

4.     Import and Export:

Import and export is one of the most important investment sectors in Turkey, due to the quality of Turkish products and their low cost, which makes their prices suitable compared to European countries, and this allows the creators of import and export companies to buy Turkish goods and sell them at reasonable prices in foreign markets and make profits. Through it.

In addition to exporting heavy products, statistics indicate that the value of Turkish exports of cars to Europe amounted to 15 billion and 335 million euros in 2016, making Turkey the top car exporter to Europe.

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