Turkish residence permits and visa

Why do I need a Turkish residence permit?

Foreigners wishing to enter Turkey can obtain an entry visa with specific fees, as well as foreigners who are exempt from visa fees, but it allows them to stay in Turkey for a period of 90 days from the date of their entry to Turkey as a maximum, and those who want to stay for a longer period must submit an application Permission to reside in Turkey, the Turkish government is trying to limit residents who are not officially registered in Turkey, tax evaders and illegal workers.

Starting in 2013, a law has been implemented that gives real estate buyers automatic residence permits for a year instead of the three-month permits that were previously issued, and this is one of the facilities provided by the Turkish government, because it realizes that more people move to Turkey every year.

In the past, applying for a residence permit took a long time and with Turkey joining the ranks of development and the introduction of the Internet system, applying for a visa or residence permit has become easier than ever.

How do I apply for a Turkish residence permit?

To get the application form, visit the General Directorate of Immigration Management in Turkey, choose the first time application option, then choose the type of residence permit you need, then fill in all the required fields and details (fields in red are compulsory, and black is optional), Then prepare the documents that will be required from you, and choose the appropriate time and date for you, a screen to confirm your application will appear and you will be given a number to review the application, and this number must be kept, then click on the ‘Residence permit application document’ link.

  • The residence permit application fee must be paid at one of the local tax office bank branches.
  • The cost of the residence permit document is 55 TL.
  • The residence permit fee of $ 85.
  • Preparing a copy of all the required documents. These copies must be ready with you when you go to your appointment.
  • Visit the General Directorate of Immigration Administration with the required documents.
  • The follow-up of your application will be evaluated. If there are any missing documents, you will be given 30 days to submit these documents.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation, your residence permit will be sent by Turkish official mail to your address in Turkey within 90 days.
  • A message will be sent to you via the (PTT) with your identification number. You can track the delivery status with this number.
  • If your residence permit application is rejected, you will be contacted.
  • Once your permit is issued on the online system, you can stay legally in Turkey.

What is the validity period of the Turkish residence permit?

The period of validity of residence permits varies according to their type from 6 months to five years, as seasonal workers are almost the only ones who apply for residence permits for a period of six months only with the help of the company they plan to work with, to obtain a work permit, and most expatriates apply for longer permits. There is little benefit in renewing the procedure after only a few months.

In the first application, a permit is issued for a period of one or two years, and upon renewal, the applicant will be able to obtain a permit for a period of five years.

The buyer of the first home as a residence in Turkey can obtain a residence permit for one year.

How do I renew the validity of my Turkish residence permit?

If you have a previous residence permit and want to renew it, you must follow the instructions mentioned previously without making the reservation process, just send the application through the post office to the General Directorate of Immigration.

What is the cost of a Turkish residence permit?

The costs of residence permits vary, and depend

on the length of time required, and when you apply for a permit online, and choose the appropriate date and time for you, the system will automatically calculate the cost of your permit fees, which can be paid by credit card, Or at the tax office of your town in Turkey.

What documents do I need to obtain a Turkish residence permit?

The online system will determine the required documents according to your situation and the desired permit, but in general you may need most, if not all of the following:

  • 6 (preferably 8 for emergencies) clear passport size photos on a white background.
  • Two copies of Turkish title deeds or rental agreement stating your place of residence and the amount you paid. (Take the original copy with you in case they ask to see it).
  • Two copies of your passport in addition to the original, and make sure that your passport is valid for the period you apply for. (You need a colored copy of the visa entry stamp and the main details slot).
  • Your tax number, if you do not have one, visit your local tax office to obtain a number.
  • Your residence book (in case of reapplication).
  • An official plastic residency folder, (as no folder is accepted, it is preferable to go to the place of sale of stationery and request a folder for the residency application, to ensure that you get the correct folder and save time).
  • A bank account statement proving that you have sufficient funds to manage your affairs during your stay in Turkey for the specified period.
  • Documents related to your children and spouse, such as birth certificates, passports, and photos. (In the event that you apply for a family residence permit).

What is the 120-day rule for residency status?

In the past, Turkish law prevented residents from leaving Turkey for more than 120 days of the year, otherwise their residencies would be canceled, but as of late 2016, this rule is no longer valid, residents can leave the country without a maximum and enjoy the benefits of residency in Turkey with Most of his time stay inside town.

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