Reasons why foreigners travel for treatment in Turkey

What level of medical care in Turkey?

Medical care in Turkey has significantly improved, until it became a regional leader in the field of health care. Thousands of patients from the Middle East and European countries are treated annually.

The Turkish medical system, with its high technological developments and medical excellence, seeks to create a globally competitive basis in the field of medical care and reach excellence. Worldwide.

Some foreigners resort to travel to Turkey for the purpose of treatment, they may have some questions about the medical care system in Turkey. In this article, we will answer most of the questions and we will mention the most important information that you should know about medical care in Turkey:

Is medical care good for expats in Turkey?

Turkey is a strong competitor in the field of health care compared to other countries such as the United States and the European Union, as it provides relatively low-cost medical services with a high level of expertise and internationally imposed standards.

Turkey has about 60 internationally competitive medical colleges that train thousands of Turkish students and Foreigners are what guarantees successful medical results in a variety of fields.

Expats with at least one year’s residence can choose to pay in SGK (Turkish Government Health Cover), as although the monthly fee increases regularly, it provides health coverage for all family members, as of 2019 it is possible to use SGK to contribute to the cost of Treatment in some private hospitals.

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In every town there is a family health center that provides free consultations, and there are also small health centers with polyclinics that are better oriented to foreigners, are spoken exclusively in English.

How to visit a specialist doctor in Turkey?

It is possible to visit a doctor in a public or private hospital, or visit clinics in the event of a referral from clinics or hospitals, this is done by booking a prior appointment with the doctor.

How to get an appointment with a doctor in Turkey?

You can book an appointment with the doctor through the phone number or communicate through the websites of the hospital or clinic where the doctor is usually present.

What is the prescription system in Turkey?

Expatriate residents over the age of 18 who are registered with the SGK pay only 10-20 percent of the value of their prescribed medications, some healthcare policies may cover a percentage of the cost.

What is the cost of medicines in Turkey?

Medicines for most diseases are cheaper compared to their counterparts in the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, the medicines that are less available and which are imported from abroad can be very expensive but for resident expatriates it can be subsidized by the health coverage Turkish government (SGK) or private healthcare policies.

Is it possible to get medical help through pharmacies?

In Turkey, there are private pharmacies that have received the appropriate training to listen to patients and provide the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, and they can refer you to a specialized doctor or hospital if they find that you need an accurate diagnosis, pharmacies can dispense medicines that do not need prescriptions as well.

Do I need to have private health insurance in Turkey?

You can get superior medical care for a small monthly fee if you are registered with the SGK. However, the waiting period for certain procedures may be long, so it is better to have your own health insurance, especially since the premiums payable are lower compared to other countries and almost Coverage is comprehensive for most cases.

You must obtain health insurance if you intend to obtain residency and your age is under 65 years, and the insurance must be valid for the duration of the residency.

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Is Turkey a good destination for medical tourism?

Turkey has become a highly reliable destination for tourism related to receiving a relationship in Europe, Turkey has more than 600 private hospitals with qualified medical staff and most of them have received their training abroad and obtained certificates from the United States, as Turkey is a candidate member to join the European Union They are committed to special health standards, by choosing to travel to Turkey for treatment, be confident that you will receive the best possible treatment.

But there are some steps that must be taken into account to save time and money before traveling to Turkey, including consulting a specialist doctor and communicating with him via the Internet Or call to determine the appropriate time for the treatment and the time period that it may take.

It is preferable to take some additional days into account, as one of the procedures may be delayed, and if you want to accompany an escort, it is advisable to tell your doctor and he must agree to it, try Speak in a language that you can understand if you are not fluent in Turkish to avoid misunderstandings.

How does the emergency system for visitors work in Turkey?

In cases of accidents or severe emergencies, you can call ambulances, and if you are staying in a hotel or complex and do not speak Turkish well, you can use the reception department and make sure that someone can help you and order an ambulance, which in turn will take you to the nearest government hospital and there will be no emergency fees, not being a Turkish citizen will not make a difference and you will be treated in the same way.

In the event that ambulances are required to be taken to a private hospital, of course there will be fees charged, however, they are still less than half compared to the fees and costs of private hospitals in the United States and the European Union.

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