Top 5 areas to buy a property in Istanbul


Why buy a property in Istanbul?

Turkey constantly keeps pace with the latest developments in the world and is witnessing rapid and unprecedented urban growth, which makes Istanbul one of the best cities to invest in, especially real estate investment. Therefore, real estate prices in it are constantly rising, and whether you are looking for an apartment for residence, vacation or even investment for citizenship You will find what you are looking for in Istanbul.

How do I buy a property in Istanbul?

Certainly, buying a property in a foreign country is a profitable investment in general, especially in Turkey, as a result of the government’s efforts to stimulate foreign investment on Turkish lands and its focus on developing the real estate sector, and in most cases the foreign investor is exempted from taxes, which secures the greatest returns And the profits resulting from the investment, if this is the first time you are thinking of buying a property in Turkey, you should plan the purchase process according to specific steps, in the beginning you have to know the advantages of investing in Turkey, secondly you must determine the type of investment you want, Then decide whether you have the sufficient budget to bear the expenses and costs, and finally, you must determine the appropriate area for your investment. And profit opportunities are different from others.

What are the best areas to buy a property in Istanbul?


Basaksehir is located on the European side of Istanbul, and is characterized by its modern buildings designed according to the highest standards of comfort and safety, and its proximity to cultural, health, educational and recreational facilities and Istanbul Airport, making it one of the most attractive areas for local and foreign investors. The area is one of the best Places to buy a property in Istanbul.


The Basin Express area is located near the most important universities, hospitals and famous shopping centers in Istanbul, in addition to being the most important transportation node and the second commercial nerve in the city. Suitable for this type of investment.


Beylikduzu is one of the most beautiful areas rich in green spaces on the European side of Istanbul, and the area is very popular among investors due to the fact that its projects are low-cost and real estate prices are expected to rise with the completion of the opening of metro lines, the area is suitable for buying real estate for middle-income people.


One of the most preferred areas for foreign investors , due to it being one of the finest and most expensive areas of Istanbul and its very privileged location , this area includes a number of luxury projects with a sea view suitable for a luxurious and prestigious lifestyle .

5.     TAKSIM

The area is characterized by its location near the oldest and most expensive neighborhoods of Istanbul and high-class housing, and includes several luxury projects of the most expensive projects in Istanbul, due to its central location, it can be accessed from all areas of Istanbul.

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