Top 4 Investment Sites in Turkey

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Every year the number of real estate investors in foreign countries increases, for various reasons, the most important of which is the measures taken by some countries to facilitate routine procedures for foreign investors on their lands, as a welcome and motivating movement for investors, especially tax cuts and treating the foreign investor as a local investor with regard to the law of ownership and compensation And insurance, the most important question remains where can you find a safe ground to invest your hard-earned money.

Why invest in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries that greatly encourages foreign investment, and has taken many measures and given many advantages to motivate foreign investors to pump their capital into the Turkish investment market, especially real estate investment, if Turkey ranks 14th among the best countries for real estate investment, and maintains On its position in world tourism at the top of the list of the most visited countries, it also provides the advanced infrastructure necessary for the success of any investment, in addition to the low cost of living in it compared to the countries of the European Union.

Investment Sites in Turkey

What are the most important incentives to invest in Turkey?

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program:

Turkey offers the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship for any investor who owns real estate worth a minimum of 250 thousand US dollars, and it is known that the Turkish visa has a globally recognized value. For more Details click here.

Turkish lira exchange rate:

The Turkish lira currently offers the best exchange rate for most international currencies, which means that you will get the property you want at the best price you can imagine.

Various and appropriate options:

The investment areas in Turkey vary, and each area is famous for its specific field and strengths, and whatever type of property you want for your investment, you will definitely get it in the right place for the success of the investment.

Ease of ownership process:

The Turkish government has canceled most of the routine procedures that make the process of ownership complicated for foreigners, and abolished the law of reciprocity, making it possible for foreigners to own property on Turkish lands even if his country does not allow the Turkish citizen to own property on its lands.

Affordable prices and tax reduction:

Turkey has the best prices ever in the real estate market compared to other European countries, so it annually witnesses a significant increase in the number of properties sold in it.

What are the best Turkish cities for investment?

The vastness of Turkey’s area and its richness in attractive places and the great development it is witnessing in terms of infrastructure, real estate and job opportunities, makes choosing the best place for investment a confusing matter, but the investment market trends indicate a number of cities that are the best at the present time and it is expected that It is witnessing a rise in prices in the future, according to expert analysis, so investing in it is undoubtedly a successful option.

Below we will talk about the best cities for investment and their features:

1.     Why to invest in Istanbul:

The name Istanbul always shines when talking about Turkish cities, although it is not the capital, but it is the first commercial and economic nerve in Turkey, and it is the largest city in the country and the first and main sea port of Turkey, and the location of Istanbul is an important linking point between Turkey and most countries As more than 55 countries are only 4 hours away from Istanbul, the city’s cultural diversity makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

Istanbul is competing for a position among the top five cities in the world, and the Turkish government’s plan for 2023 guarantees working on all options that would make Istanbul one of the most developed and attractive cities around the world. Istanbul is one of the best cities, whether for investment or living, where all the means are available Rest, entertainment and job opportunities, as well as the possibility of bearing the cost of living in them compared to the rest of European countries.

2.   Why to invest in Bursa:

Bursa is one of the cities that attract millions of tourists every year, and ranks second after Istanbul in its economic growth. If you prefer to enjoy skiing, visit natural resorts, or travel for treatment and recovery, all of these options are available in Bursa, and it is accessible Easily, and if you are an investor who wants to rent out their property and get a good income from rent, Bursa will do the trick.

3.     Why to invest in Bodrum:

Bodrum is characterized by its wonderful sailing sites and resorts, which is a very popular tourist hub and the architectural style of its buildings is very popular with foreign investors and has many foreign property owners, and even the locals speak English well.

4.     Why to invest in Antalya:

Antalya is one of the best cities for those looking for a quiet and comfortable place to live, and it is linked to other cities through two airports and can be reached easily, and the city was one of the first cities that saw demand for real estate when Turkey opened the door to foreign investment in Turkish real estate, and it was One of the most desired areas by foreigners over the past sixty years.

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