10 Services provided by the Turkish E-government to its citizens from their homes

registering in the Turkish e-government

The opening of the Turkish e-government portal came as a confirmation of Turkey’s technological progress and development in recent years and an indication of its keenness to save the citizen’s time and effort, by benefiting from online services from their homes or workplaces instead of bothering to go to government departments and wait for hours. What is the Turkish e-government?  what services do you provide to the citizen?  what are the terms of use? We will answer these questions in this article.

What is the Turkish e-government?

What is the Turkish e-government?

It is an electronic system created by the Turkish government, known as E-Devlet, which takes care of all the details and services needed by Turkish citizens and foreign residents, and works to provide them quickly and reliably without the need to visit government departments.

How can I register in the Turkish e-government portal and what are the conditions for obtaining services?

Registration in the Turkish e-government is done through the branches of the Turkish Postal Corporation spread throughout Turkey. On his phone, and then he will be given a special password to access the site.

The beneficiary pays only two Turkish liras when he obtains the password, and he does not have to pay any fees for benefiting from the services through the Turkish e-government website.

And then you can enter the site and benefit from the services, and it is recommended to change the password that was sent to your phone and not follow it, a simple procedure that is done through the setup menu on the site.

The applicant is required to have a Turkish identity card in the case of a Turkish citizen, a residence card or a temporary protection card, and to have his own phone number if more than one account cannot be registered on the same number.

Officially residing foreigners or expatriates holding a temporary protection card have the right to register in the Turkish e-government portal and obtain all the services that Turkish citizens receive, except for some services that are restricted to Turkish citizens or those holding Turkish citizenship, such as obtaining a residence permit or registration On the financial support package due to Corona.

 register in the Turkish e-government

What services can be obtained from the Turkish e-government?

1.     Issuance of the residence and residence document:

The residence and residence document is one of the most required documents in Turkish government departments and is used for several purposes such as obtaining a driving certificate.

2.     Extracting a non-judgmental document:

This document represents your legal record with the government, and if you are subject to any trials, it will appear through this service, otherwise your legal record will appear clean.

3.     Inquiries about lawsuits:

In the event that you are a party to a lawsuit, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, you can inquire about the lawsuit through the Turkish e-government portal.

4.     Inquiries about the phone lines registered in your name:

You can find out the lines registered on your name and identity card number through the Turkish e-government portal, and make sure that there are no numbers in your name without your knowledge.

5.     Inquiry about where your car was impounded:

If your car was impounded by the Traffic Directorate, you can inquire about the place where it was impounded.

6.     Disclosure of traffic violations against you:

The Turkish e-Government portal allows you to know whether there are traffic violations against you or not.

7.     Verification of a registration in your name in the Social Security Institution:

If you are a worker or official employee and registered with the Turkish government, this service allows you to know if you are registered in the health insurance registry with the Turkish Social Security Institution.

8.     Reservation of appointments in Turkish government hospitals:

The Turkish e-government allows you to book appointments in Turkish government hospitals, know the doctor who diagnoses and treat you, and review your health information, the dates of the examinations you performed and the medicines you purchased.

9.     Tax checking:

You can check whether there are taxes that you must pay or not and the payment dates through this service. read more about taxes in Turkey.

10.  Extracting a student document:

It is possible to extract a student document, which is especially necessary for international students to update their data and residence as students in Turkey.

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