The most 5 famous museums in Istanbul

museums in Istanbul

What is the importance of Istanbul’s museums in tourism?

Istanbul tops the list of the most attractive cities for tourists in the world because of its tourist and entertainment venues and huge shopping centers for the most important international brands, in addition to the charming nature, historical palaces, archaeological areas and Istanbul museums, which tell a lot about the country’s history, heritage and culture and frequented by visitors Constantly learning about the history of Istanbul closely.

topkapi museums in Istanbul

What do Istanbul’s museums contain?

Istanbul’s museums include a unique package of contents and antiquities that narrate the history of the country since the conquest of Constantinople until the establishment of the Turkish Republic, as well as other Istanbul museums that specialize in recreational and creative purposes, such as the Snow Museum in Istanbul, the Wax Museum in Istanbul, the Chocolate Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Which is one of the most attractive museums for visitors from all over the world,  in this article we will talk about some of Istanbul’s most famous museums.

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What are the most famous museums in Istanbul?

Istanbul is famous for several museums and historical palaces that review the country’s monuments, its ancient history, the different civilizations that arose in it and the empires that ruled it. We will mention some of the most famous Istanbul’s museums, according to visitor reviews, which no tourist in Istanbul can miss:

1. Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul:

Hagia Sophia is the most famous and oldest museum in Istanbul, whose history extends back to ancient times in the history of the Turkish state. It was established in the Byzantine era to be a cathedral for the Christian Orthodox Patriarchate and was known as the Church of Holy Wisdom, then it turned into a Roman Catholic cathedral, and it turned into an Ottoman mosque after the conquest of Constantinople, and then into a secular museum after the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and it was recently announced that it had been restored as a mosque on July 24 /2020.

 Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul

It is considered a cultural and architectural symbol, an icon of the Byzantine civilization, and the first model of a building that used a fully suspended dome. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and represents a sacred religious value for what it contains of Islamic inscriptions and Christian icons.

It also includes some tombs and mausoleums attached to the building of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire Who They are highly respected and sanctified by the Turks.

2. Topkapi Museum in Istanbul:

Topkapi Palace is one of the largest palaces in Istanbul and was a center for the residence of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, and although it is not of the level of luxury and extravagance that palaces were known for, it attracts huge numbers of tourists.

being one of the most important museums in Istanbul, which contains many Islamic monuments The sacred and large collections of ceramics, weapons, armor, manuscripts and jewelry, it began to be used as a museum after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, it was classified as one of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul by UNESCO.

Topkapi Museum in Istanbul
Image 2_Topkapi Palace’s interiors; Source: ©Legacy Ottoman Hotel.

The palace contains several courtyards where you start your tour of the palace from the largest courtyard surrounding the palace, which is characterized by the beauty of its green courtyards, then pass through the shaded gate to the second courtyard, which contains two towers, and then to the square surrounded by stables, the old hospital and the Haramlek section, and then The third gallery, which constitutes the museum and includes a variety of Roman and Byzantine antiquities.

Nearby we find the Imperial Council, then the Tower of Justice and the Imperial Treasury that displays ancient weapons, and then we find the Jewelry Pavilion, which includes unique collectibles, antiques and transport vehicles. Then we move to The Haramlek Suite, consisting of 250 rooms,  ending the visit with a delicious meal in the restaurant attached to the Topkapi Museum.

3. Istanbul Wax Museum:

Madame Tussauds Istanbul Museum is one of the most important museums in Istanbul because it is the first branch in Turkey of a chain of international wax museums. It opened in 2016 in the Taksim area on the western side of Istanbul and is visited by tourists from all over the world to see the wax statues that are almost pronounced with great mastery and take pictures with them.

The Wax Museum in Istanbul includes many halls for a variety of categories. The halls include various statues of famous personalities throughout history, whether in science, art, football, and prominent historical figures in the world. The Wax Museum in Istanbul also includes sculptures of the most famous Turkish and international contemporary figures.

Istanbul Wax Museum

It is worth It is noteworthy that Madame Tussauds Istanbul is one of a series of museums around the world spread in different cities, including Hollywood, Las Vegas, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Shanghai, each of which contains sculptures made with high craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details, so it enjoys great fame It is visited by visitors, young and old, to take pictures with wax statues of their favorite characters.

4. Snow Museum in Istanbul:

The Snow Museum in Istanbul, which opened in 2010, is one of Istanbul’s most important museums dedicated to entertainment, which takes you to a polar atmosphere as soon as you set foot in its amazing halls, where ice sculptures are spread throughout the 1,400 square meters’ space with temperatures up to 5 degrees below zero, so you must wear Clothes for protection from the cold, especially as it is a favorite museum for children in the first place.

Snow Museum in Istanbul

5. Toy Museum in Istanbul:

The Toy Museum was founded in Istanbul in 2005 by a Turkish writer who was interested in collecting dolls from different countries. It is one of the best museums in Istanbul for families, and you can visit it with your children to see old dolls or buy one of the toys for sale and take souvenir photos in one of the most popular places in Istanbul.

Toy Museum in Istanbul

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