6 reasons why studying in Turkey is better than other countries

Studying in Turkey

Why do foreigners choose studying in Turkey ?

Studying in Turkey has become the dream of students wishing to study abroad, especially Arabs, as it is similar to European countries, but has an Islamic character.

Since the declaration of Turkey as an independent republic in 1932 AD, it has recorded real and successful achievements to provide prosperity and security for the Turkish people, including the formation of good international relations with most European and Arab countries.

Its strategic location has greatly contributed to the strengthening of those relations as Turkey has opened up to multiple cultures For these countries and has become an incubator for many tourists, investors and students of different nationalities. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of studying in Turkey.

studying in Turkey

What qualifications support studying in Turkey?

Turkey has a large number of universities spread in all Turkish cities, their number has increased from 67 universities to 146 qualified universities with distinguished teaching staff during the past 10 years, and 6 Turkish universities have been ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, most other Turkish universities occupy centers Prestigious worldwide.

Turkish universities also have more than 3 million students, and Turkey annually hosts a large number of foreign students wishing to study in Turkey. Some Turkish universities also allocate scholarships that cover study expenses in Turkey and accommodation and give them health insurance and transportation cards.

 What are the most prominent advantages of studying in Turkey?

Studying in Turkey includes many advantages, which makes it the ideal destination for students wishing to study in an environment where the right conditions for study are met, and we mention the most important of these features:

1.      The ideal study environment:

Turkey provides a hospitable environment for foreign students, and Turkish universities provide them with various consultations that guide them before they start studying in Turkey, the cultural diversity in Turkey contributes to facilitating the integration of foreign students and their involvement in Turkish society and preparing them for a distinguished future by going through unprecedented practical experiences in one of the most The countries are safe and stable, as well as some Turkish universities offering the option of studying in English, which makes job opportunities in Europe an easily available option for Turkish university graduates.

2.      Availability of housing:

Most universities in Turkey provide student housing for their students, in addition to the presence of student houses close to universities and are dedicated to catering to foreign students coming to study in Turkey, and students of major cities that include a large number of students can find an alternative to university housing, which is renting private apartments for students jointly with other students, the average apartment rent is approximately 500 TL.

1.     Low cost of living:

Living in Turkey is generally less expensive compared to European countries, and for a foreign student residing to study in Turkey, the average monthly expenses range between 500-600 dollars at least, in addition to books and fees that may reach 150 dollars per semester.

2.     Transportation availability:

Transportation of all kinds is available in abundance throughout Turkey and especially in major cities, and it is easy to reach anywhere via the metro, students studying in Turkey enjoy a special tariff for transportation while they are on the move, in addition to that scholarships granted to some foreign students cover study expenses. In Turkey, including transportation, through a special card granted to the student.

3.     Higher education level:

Turkish universities include the best teaching cadres of different nationalities qualified to give students the experiences and skills necessary to keep pace with development and engage in practical life after graduation. There are also some universities that are unique in teaching a specific specialty, for example, there are universities specialized in teaching medicine in all its branches, or engineering in all its branches.

4.     Internationally Recognized Certificates:

The most important feature of studying in Turkey is that you will eventually obtain a certificate recognized in most countries of the world that will enable you to practice your profession without the need to amend or study additional years in the country in which you wish to reside or work after completing your university studies.

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