14 Points you should consider for best renting a property in Turkey

renting a property in Turkey

Renting a property in Turkey is one of the easiest and safest matters as long as it takes place within a legal framework and is documented by an official contract that preserves the rights of both parties, the owner and the tenant. The conditions it includes, the guarantee of legal recovery of rights in the event that one of the parties violates the conditions, in this article we will mention some tips that may benefit those who are going to rent a property in Turkey and draw attention to some important points in the rental process.

renting a property in Turkey

What are the things to check before renting a property in Turkey?

In the beginning, and if you are renting a property in Turkey via the Internet, you must make sure that the property is in fact identical to the information mentioned in the advertisement and with the same conditions and specifications that you are looking for, and check the quality of the paint, the condition of the building and the validity of the electrical sockets and sanitary installations And windows and doors.

If the internal and external specifications of the property are appropriate, move on to the next step, which is to verify that the electricity, water and gas networks of the property are officially registered and that the devices connected to these networks work properly and conform to safety standards.

You must also verify that the property you rented matches the property mentioned in the contract in the address, building number and property number closely, and make sure that the party that signed the contract and who rented the property to you is the real property owner or a person trusted by him and authorized by a power of attorney A valid official statement that states the right of the agent to rent the property on his behalf.

What are the important conditions that a property rental contract in Turkey must include?

Renting a property in Turkey must be done by means of an official contract that clearly and accurately shows the information and conditions that have been agreed upon between the owner and the tenant. These information and conditions include the following:

1. Recording the information of both the owner and the tenant accurately and in conformity with his civil identity.

2. Recording real estate information in detail, in conformity with the real estate information in the title deed register.

3. Record the exact address of the leased property in detail.

4. Defining the agreed amount as rent for the property clearly.

5. Agreeing on the insurance amount for the property and keeping a bank receipt proving the payment of the amount and recording the conditions that allow the owner to dispose of the insurance amount and not return it to the tenant.

6. Determining the date of paying the rent each month.

7. Mention the bank account to which the rental amount will be transferred.

8. Determine the date of expiry of the lease contract.

9. Determining the period after which the rent amount is likely to be increased.

10. Determining the owner of the usufruct of the property and whether the tenant is allowed to re-rent the property to another party.

11. Determining the conditions related to furniture and maintenance and the possibility of the tenant making modifications to the property.

12. Recording and signing the names of the witnesses to the lease contract.

13. The signature of both the owner and the tenant on each sheet of the lease contract.

14. Recording the legal agency information in case the lessor is an agent on behalf of the real owner.

What measures should be taken to prevent fraud while renting a property in Turkey?

Among the most important preventive steps to be taken to avoid falling into the trap of real estate fraud and fraudsters when renting a property in Turkey are:

  • Documenting the leasing process with an official contract registered in the relevant state departments to preserve the rights of both parties and not to prejudice any of them.
  • Pay attention to recording all the information mentioned previously in the property rental contract and to ensure the correctness of the information and the identity of the witnesses.
  • Carrying out financial operations through the bank account to document the payment and the possibility of referring to the bank’s records when needed.
  • Hire a relative or a certified lawyer if you do not speak Turkish well.

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What actions should be taken in the event of fraud while renting a property in Turkey?

In the event of a fraud while renting a property in Turkey, you must resort to the law and file a lawsuit in which you mention the details of the process and the defendant’s information, and show documents and information that prove the validity of your claim.

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