8 facts about Real estate investments in Turkey, are they profitable or not?

real estate investments in turkey

Real estate investment is the purchase of real estate such as apartments, lands and shops in order to reap profits and develop wealth, by renting the property or reselling it after a period of time and benefiting from the high prices.

real estate investments in turkey

Real estate investments in Turkey are among the most common investments due to the demand of foreigners for tourism, study and work in Turkey, the Turkish government’s facilities for procedures and opening doors for foreign investors in real estate. read more.

Why real estate investments in Turkey?

Real estate investments are one of the best investments in Turkey, the safest and the capital preservation, so that the capital cannot be affected by fluctuations as is the case in investing in the stock exchange, real estate can be rented, mortgaged and benefit from its returns safely and with officially documented contracts and from It is not possible to seize or steal real estate, which dispels all fears of investors.

The Turkish government has worked to facilitate the procedures for real estate investments in Turkey for foreigners, where the foreign investor is treated as the Turkish citizen is treated in terms of rights and ownership, and Turkey abolished the law of reciprocity where the foreign citizen can own property on Turkish lands even if his country does not allow The Turkish citizen can own it.

What is the best property to invest in Turkey?

Real estate investments in Turkey are one of the best sources of income and wealth development, with different types of real estate, and the preference for real estate is due to its location, the purpose of its investment, the extent of the investor’s experience and his ability to benefit from the property in the best way.

And speaking of Turkey, we are talking about a constantly growing population, and one of the best tourist destinations in the world, which means the constant and increasing demand for apartments, so apartments are the best investment options in Turkey, especially in areas with high population density and Places frequented by tourists.

Investment in commercial buildings ranks second among the best real estate investments in Turkey, thanks to the growth of the Turkish economy and its absorption of different types of trade locally, as well as trade exchanges between Turkey and neighboring countries.

Are real estate investments in Turkey profitable?

profitable real estate investments in Turkey

When asking about the profits of an investment, it is necessary to look at the type of real estate and the country in which the investment is made, as the percentages of profits from real estate investments vary according to the country, and according to statistics, it ranges between 10-25% and can reach 30% of the property value in some The countries.

As for real estate investments in Turkey, we are talking about one of the fastest growing economies in the recent period. Turkey has achieved a great qualitative leap economically, becoming the 16th in the world among the most economically developed countries, and Turkey has become one of the highest countries in terms of profits from real estate investments for several reasons:

  • The low cost of buying and registering real estate compared to the European Union, which means getting the best returns at reasonable prices.
  • Low taxes in Turkey, where taxes in Turkey are the lowest among the taxes imposed in Europe, and tax exemption in some cases, which means taking full advantage of real estate profits without paying any extra costs. read more
  • Real estate prices in Turkey rise annually.
  • Increasing demand for Turkish real estate and real estate investments in the Turkish market.
  • Turkey receives work students from all over the world in large numbers annually, which means that real estate is easily rented and with good profits.
  • The quality of Turkish real estate, where the government has set special standards for the construction of buildings to avoid natural disasters, earthquakes and tremors.
  • The large green spaces in Turkey, which make it a healthy environment for housing and treatment, increased the demand for ownership in it.
  • Turkey’s important location between the Asian and European continents, its proximity to most Arab countries, and its richness in history, culture, and tourist and recreational places.

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