Public transportation in Istanbul, what are the 6 most famous means?

Public transportation in Istanbul

The public transportation network in Istanbul, which is one of the largest transportation networks in the world, spreads to cover all parts of the vast city stretching between the continents of Asia and Europe. Public transportation in Istanbul varies between buses, metro lines, taxis, ships and tramways, and the Turkish government continues to provide Developing and expanding the public transportation network in Istanbul in an integrated manner that covers the needs of citizens and tourists due to the congestion and population density and the tourism boom in the city. In this article, we will summarize some important information about public transportation in Istanbul and the easiest ways to navigate the big city:

What are the most popular means of public transportation in Istanbul?

Public transportation in Istanbul varies and spreads throughout the city. Buses and metro lines are among the most popular means of public transportation, followed by taxis, ships, trams, and others.

What are the advantages of public transport buses in Istanbul?

Buses are one of the most popular means of public transportation in Istanbul and are spread on a large scale, linking parts of the city to each other with about 800 lines, it is possible to know the bus route through an electronic board with the bus number and its exact itinerary, in addition to the presence of electronic boards next to bus stops mentioning the time Remaining for the bus to arrive at the bus stop.

What are the most popular metro lines in Istanbul?

Istanbul has 6 subway lines symbolized by (M) (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6) linking several important stations and characterized by being the fastest and most punctuated means of public transportation in Istanbul. The government seeks to develop the infrastructure of metro lines in Istanbul using driverless trains and intensify the construction of new metro lines, bringing the number of metro lines in Istanbul to 18 lines by 2023, and it is expected that the total length of the metro lines will be about 1,000 kilometers so that people will be able to navigate the city with ease and speed.

What is the importance of the metro bus in Istanbul?

The importance of the metro bus is that it is the fastest way in cases of traffic congestion among public transportation in Istanbul , as it runs within a 50-kilometre-long dedicated path that is not affected by traffic congestion, and brings the two ends of the city together, starting from the Söğütlüçeşme station on the Asian side of Istanbul and ending with a station Beylikdüzü is on the European side, providing visitors with a quick ride around Istanbul.

Public transportation in Istanbul

How does the tramway work in Istanbul and what are its lines?

The tramway in Istanbul works with electric power and runs over a railway network, transporting thousands of passengers through four tram lines (T1, T2, T3, T4) passing through the most important modern areas and historical neighborhoods, which makes it more preferred for tourists than other means of public transportation in Istanbul.

Are taxis easily available in Istanbul?

Yellow or turquoise taxis are available throughout Istanbul, especially near airports, hotels and tourist gatherings to facilitate the movement of tourists throughout Istanbul, it is considered one of the most important means of public transportation in Istanbul, the Istanbul Municipality has launched an application for smart phones to facilitate ordering taxis.

What are the most prominent means of sea transportation in Istanbul?

Since Istanbul is a wide marine city separated by a strait, it is necessary to provide marine transportation in a way that facilitates movement between the two banks of the strait and shortens the distances for tourists who want to visit both sides of the amazing city, Ship stations spread on the Asian and European banks of Istanbul, in addition to the existence of maritime transport lines according to certain routes that link Istanbul with other cities through dedicated trips that those wishing to book easily.

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What are the types of transportation card and how is it charged?

Transportation cards are available in certain categories that give special discounts, including student cards, retired employee cards, and blue cards. As for the regular electronic card, it has multiple pre-paid prices and can be charged with the required amount using the designated electronic device found in most public transportation stops and ship launching stations.

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