The 6 most profitable real estate investments in Turkey

real estate investments in Turkey

Why invest in Turkey?

Turkey has recently turned into one of the most important destinations for foreign investments, due to the diversity of investment opportunities in it, cultural diversity and wide geographical extension.

Thanks to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors in the procedures of ownership, tax cuts, and granting foreign citizenship to investors at a value of 250 thousand American dollars, Turkish has become the safest environment for investment.

real estate investments in Turkey

Why are real estate investments in Turkey one of the best investments?

Real estate investment in Turkey received great support from the Turkish government, which encouraged foreign investors to direct their capital towards real estate investment in Turkey, thanks to this, the foreign investment index in Turkey rose.

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable and safe investments around the world because you can keep the capital stable and not risky, as is the case in the investments of the stock market and banks in which the invested capital can be affected by bankruptcy as well as the increasing demand for real estate in Turkey, which made Real estate prices are on the rise, and Turkey has become the second most attractive and profitable real estate market in the world.

What are the best real estate investments in Turkey?

There are various opportunities for real estate investment in Turkey, which suit the aspirations of investors and will achieve great profits within short periods, the most important of which are

1.     Buying and reselling apartments in Turkey:

Some investors resort to buying apartments in Turkey, waiting for a period of time, reselling them after the price increases. This option is considered a profitable investment due to the increasing population growth and the fact that Turkey has become a destination for investors and those wishing to reside, which increased the demand for buying real estate. It is possible to benefit from the profits of renting the apartment for a good period before reselling it, the resale can achieve a profit equal to the rental profits in some cases.

It is also possible to buy an apartment on the plan, which guarantees the best price that can be obtained, and to complete the finishes and resell it when the construction process is completed, which is a profitable and safe matter if it is done legally and correctly.

2.     Buying and renting apartments in Turkey:

The purchase of apartments in Turkey for the purpose of renting is one of the most profitable projects in the long term, due to the demand of foreigners for tourism and residence in Turkey, and the rent rises according to the location of the property, its specifications and the improvements that have been made to it, within the rent limits set by the Turkish government.

3.     Buying a land in Turkey, establishing a project and selling it:

Buying land and building investment projects on it and reselling it is one of the best real estate investments in Turkey and the most profitable, but several points must be taken into consideration, including the location of the land, the type of soil and its suitability for construction, and checking the legal details of the land.

Buying a land in Turkey

When building a project on land, you should pay attention to changing the title deed from the title deed of land to the title deed of the apartments so that buyers do not face problems during the transfer of ownership afterwards. read more.

4.     Investing in student housing in Turkey:

Turkey hosts a lot of international students in its universities, which makes the number of university student housing insufficient, and it is difficult for students to live without housing, so students resort to renting shared housing with other students in locations near universities, and investing in housing Students are one of the most profitable and common types of investments in Turkey.

5.     Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey:

Some investors invest in commercial real estate that serves a variety of investments, as Turkey is the preferred destination for tourism, trade, study and investment in general, making investors want to find real estate that suits their various investment purposes, so the diversity of commercial real estate with what suits Turkey’s advantages is the most important thing It distinguishes investing in these properties and makes them one of the most profitable investments. read more.

6.     Investing in hotels and restaurants in Turkey:

Hotels are among the best real estate investments, especially international hotels, which have good capacity and high quality services. Investment in the hotel sector achieves high returns, and the annual profit rate increases between 8-15% of the property value.

Investing in hotels and restaurants in Turkey

As for restaurants, they are the main destination for tourists in Turkey after their long tours, to enjoy their meals and try the foods that Turkey is famous for, and they are a successful investment with great profits due to the great tourist demand in Turkey, especially those located in places frequented by tourists.

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