4 problems facing buying real estate in Turkey, And how to avoid them?

problems of buying real estate in Turkey

The demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased, especially after the revolution in the real estate investment sector, and tens of thousands of real estate sales to foreigners are registered annually, as the Turkish renaissance in all fields and keeping pace with development made it a prestigious and global country.

With the increasing demand for real estate, there must be some problems facing the buying and selling process, and in this article we will talk about the most prominent of these problems and ways to avoid them.

What are the problems of buying property in Turkey?

problems of buying real estate in Turkey

You may encounter some problems while buying a property in Turkey, some of them are simple and can be easily avoided, and some are as serious as real estate fraud and you must deal with them according to Turkish law to restore your right, among the most prominent of these problems:

Not mastering the Turkish language well:

The foreign buyer’s lack of good mastery of the Turkish language can cause some problems such as misunderstanding, confusion in property specifications, price or delivery date, so it is better to deal with a specialized real estate company where they employ people fluent in different languages ​​to be able to talk and negotiate about the property in your mother tongue and avoid misunderstanding.

Unfamiliarity with the steps and papers required to buy a property in Turkey:

The biggest problem facing foreign investors when buying a property in Turkey is the lack of information about the steps to be completed when purchasing the property to be officially registered, and in this case it is recommended to appoint a lawyer to complete the purchase on your behalf or facilitate legal matters to register the new property within the official restrictions according to the law Turkish. Read more about the steps of buying real estate in Turkey.

Lack of foreign buyer information about the Turkish real estate market:

Some investors may fall victim to fraud due to their lack of knowledge of the Turkish real estate market, and they may not choose the right property for them in terms of location and function, and it is better in such cases to benefit from the opinions of their acquaintances who have previously purchased real estate in Turkey in If they are familiar enough with the Turkish real estate market, or consult an official real estate company to inform them and direct them to the right property for them.

Real estate fraud:

Some investors can fall into the trap of real estate fraud, due to fraudsters taking advantage of the lack of a buyer in Turkey, and fraud is in several forms, the most prominent and most dangerous of which is the fraudster impersonating the property owner, declaring false prices or exploiting the investor’s desire to obtain Turkish citizenship and provide Offers at unreasonable prices, and real estate can only be sold on the plan that does not exist in reality, and it may be in violation of the condition when construction is completed and demolished. read more.

forms of real estate fraud in Turkey 1

How to avoid falling into the problems of buying real estate in Turkey?

Investors wishing to buy a property in Turkey can get the property they want and avoid getting into any trouble at the same time with the help of an official and reputable real estate company, and the investor can hire a lawyer to carry out the necessary procedures to buy and register the property in Turkey or, relying on the real estate company to choose a trusted lawyer from them to do this task.

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