Official power of attorney in Turkey

Why do I need to hire a lawyer in Turkey?

It is recommended to appoint a lawyer officially if you want to buy an apartment or villa in Turkey, there are many steps that must be completed in the Turkish language and in Turkey, if you do not speak Turkish fluently or do not live in Turkey and cannot stay longer, it is better to do By hiring a lawyer to complete the purchase on your behalf, making it smooth and free from potential risks or fraud.

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What actions can a lawyer do on my behalf?

The lawyer can do several things on behalf of his client, according to what the power of attorney requires, such as:

  • Buy, sell a house in Turkey
  • Manage the rental operations of your home if you want to rent it out during the holidays
  • Performing banking transactions on your behalf
  • Manage your investments on your behalf
  • Follow up on taxes
  • Submit legal requests on your behalf

Can I decide what the lawyer is allowed to do on my behalf?

When granting a power of attorney, a document will be drafted that explains exactly what the attorney can and cannot do on your behalf. The client is free to allow the attorney as many powers or revoke some of the powers as he wants, and is advised before hiring an attorney Ensure that he is a member of the local bar association.

power of attorney in Turkey

What do I need to make a power of attorney?

You will need to complete some notarized legal documents to use them legally in Turkey, and these procedures can be done in Turkey or at the local Turkish consulate in your country, and these documents must be notarized and translated into Turkish or one of the languages ​​authenticated and recognized by Turkish government.

Can the power of attorney be canceled at any time?

The client can cancel the power of attorney whenever he wants, and all he has to do is contact a notary or the Turkish consulate and send a written notification with the information stating the cancellation of the power of attorney to the lawyer you have chosen, and it is advised to make sure that all copies of the original document are returned to you, and inform the bank which You treat with it that the power of attorney has been revoked and is no longer in use.

What are the types of official power in Turkey?

There are different types of official powers in Turkey, two of which are related to the purchase of real estate and you must know them if you are owner of a property in Turkey or interested in buying a property in it, and they are:

General power of attorney:

Under this power of attorney, you give the lawyer the full right to represent you legally in all matters, and in some cases your signature will be required to obtain approval for a certain procedure.

Specified power of attorney:

This power of attorney gives the lawyer the right to represent you in a specific procedure only, such as the transaction of buying or renting a property only, and the specific power of attorney is the usual method that foreigners follow when buying a house in Turkey.

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