Obtaining a Turkish title deed

What is the Turkish Title Deed (TAPU)?

The title deed is a very important document that indicates the ownership of the property. It is known in Turkey as the TAPU. The title deed includes information about the property and the owner of the property. Title deeds are issued, registered and archived by the General Directorate of Land Registry.

What are the Turkish title deed types?

There are two different types of Turkish title deed:

Blue TAPU:

This title deed pertains to land ownership and common property:

Land Ownership:

This TAPU is given to whoever buys agricultural land, and does not include any type of housing. If the land owner wants to build and sell houses or sell the land to an investor to build houses on it, he must change the TAPU from blue to red so that he does not face problems with ownership.

Shared ownership:

If the property is for more than one owner, the TAPU will mention your share of the total ownership, and the owners of the joint ownership may have some problems regarding the sale of the property, and the owners of the joint ownership properties cannot get a mortgage.


It is known as the residential title deed, and it is given to the owners of apartments, offices, etc., and the Turkish red title deed is organized in three parts. The first part includes the title of the property, its area and type, and in the second part you mention the space that the property takes from the residential floor, and in the third part, the information related to the bond will be such as the state’s record number, the date of the bond’s registration and the date of its issuance.

How do I check my Turkish title deed?

It is important to check the clearance of the title deed, to see if the property is subject to any fees, mortgages or any restrictions on ownership, and this can be done by the buyer himself, or his lawyer acting on his behalf if he has a power of attorney.

What are the fees and costs of obtaining a Turkish title deed?

There are fees related to title deed transactions when buying and selling, known as title deed transfer fees, amounting to 4% of the purchase price, paid by the buyer after the purchase and sale process is completed and the sales value is officially announced by the seller.

What are the steps to obtaining a Turkish title deed?

First, an appointment must be set at the local title office, in the presence of both parties or their representative under an official power of attorney, with all the required documents, and both the seller and the buyer have agreed in advance on the amount of money that will be paid for the property, and the ownership transfer fees are paid from Before the buyer, by bank transfer, the seller signs the title deed to acknowledge receipt of the agreed amount in exchange for the sale and his agreement to transfer ownership without coercion, then the buyer signs the title deed, and an original title deed is issued in the name of the new owner.

What are the documents and papers needed to obtain a Turkish title deed?

First, whoever wishes to obtain a title deed must have a tax number, and personal photos of both the seller and buyer must be present, and of course, you need personal identification, and you need to obtain insurance against natural disasters and earthquakes, and if they occur, the state will compensate you for the losses.

When can the Turkish title deed be transferred, what is the transfer cost?

In the event that you buy a property in Turkey, you can sell it and transfer its ownership to anyone else whenever you want to, but in the case of buying a property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for investment, it is prohibited to sell or transfer the ownership of the property before three years have passed since the date of its purchase, and it is imposed Fee for the title deed transfer equal to 4% of the property price.

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