Inheritance tax in Turkey

What is inheritance tax?

A tax owed by the one who inherits the legacy of a deceased person, and it is relatively low in Turkey, compared to other countries, and varies according to the value of the deceased’s property, so that a lower percentage is deducted whenever the price of the property decreases and ranges between (1% – 10%).

What is the real estate inheritance tax?

Turkish inheritance law:

The Turkish inheritance law is applied to the legal inheritors of the immovable property within Turkey, so that the heirs are determined and their specific legal shares of the inheritance, according to the law.

In general, movable property is subject to inheritance laws according to the country of the deceased’s nationality, while real estate and immovable property are subject to Turkish law.

Who inherits real estate in Turkey?

In the absence of a notarized will for the owner of the property, the legal heirs of the immovable real estate are determined in the sense of Turkish law:

  • The wife and children in the first place, according to a specific quota for each of them.
  • In the event that there are no children, the heirs are to the parents.
  • In case the parents are deceased, the estate goes to the siblings of the deceased.
  • In the absence of all of the above, the last beneficiaries of the heirs are the grandparents of the deceased and their children.
  • If the deceased does not have any relatives, then his real estate becomes the property of the Turkish state.

How is the inheritance tax rate determined in Turkey?

In the event that the deceased has assets in Turkey, inheritance tax will have to be paid, which is relatively low in Turkey, compared to the European Union countries, and varies according to the value of the property, and ranges between 1-30%.

Values ​​up to $ 58,000 1%

Values ​​up to $ 186,000 3%

Values ​​up to $ 466,830 5%

Values ​​up to $ 1,013,000 7%

When will the inheritance tax be paid?

Inheritance tax can be paid halal for a maximum of three years, in the months of May and November of each year, according to the Turkish inheritance law.

Are individuals entitled to leave a will in Turkey:

According to Turkish law, every person over the age of 15 years and possessing full mental capacity is entitled to leave a will, either verbal, hand-written or official, and it must include the person’s handwriting, the entire date and accurately and the signature of the owner, and the will must be submitted to the court And it must be signed in front of two witnesses.

Can a trustee prevent an asset from inheriting in Turkey?

Despite the possibility of this order in Turkey, but it is generally accepted in specific cases, where he must explain the reason for his desire to withhold the inheritance from one of the heirs and he will need the court’s approval of the reason for the prohibition, in the event the order is implemented, the heir who is forbidden from the heirs cannot obtain it or Until the decision is appealed.

What documents are required for heirs to inherit a property in Turkey?

  • The inheritance inventory that shows the relationship of kinship to the heirs, and it must be in the Turkish language or in a translation certified by the Turkish Republic?
  • Details of the Turkish tax record, including the tax number.
  • A valid passport.
  • Photograph.

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