Hiring a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey

Many foreigners want to buy real estate in Turkey, but they do not have time to stay in Turkey for the duration of the purchase process, so they resort to the help of a lawyer to complete the purchase on their behalf.

Why should a lawyer be hired to buy a property in Turkey?

When buying a property in Turkey, you must complete several steps and ensure the safety of the property and that it is free from any fees, mortgage or restrictions on ownership. If you do not speak the Turkish language well, you may be exposed to fraud and fraud, so it is recommended to hire a lawyer to complete the purchase process and save effort Time and avoid potential risks.

What are the procedures that a lawyer can do in Turkey?

The lawyer can perform several procedures according to the power granted to him by the client, some people give the lawyer a power of attorney that only allows them to conduct checks and complete the title deed transactions only, while others give them full powers until signing instead of the client, and this is in the event that the buyer is unable to travel to Turkey soon.

The lawyer can complete signing and notarizing the contract and ownership details, verify title deeds, debts, licenses and housing certificates, transfer the title deed to the name of the client and complete the purchase process at the local title office on his behalf. He can also follow up on taxes and Submit legal requests on behalf of the buyer, and manage rental operations for the property.

How do I hire a lawyer in Turkey?

Some documented legal documents indicating the client’s desire to appoint a private lawyer to be used officially in Turkey must be completed, and this procedure can be done in Turkey or the local Turkish consulate in the client’s country, and these documents must be translated into Turkish.

Can the lawyer’s powers be determined when granting a power of attorney?

When granting a power of attorney to a lawyer, a document will be drawn up that explains exactly what the attorney can do and what cannot be done on your behalf, and the client has complete freedom to allow the attorney as many powers or cancel some of the powers he wants, and it is advised before hiring a lawyer to make sure that he is a member at the local bar.

What are the procedures necessary to cancel the appointment of a lawyer?

The client can cancel his attorney’s power of attorney at any time, all he has to do is contact a notary or the Turkish consulate and send a written notification stating that the power of attorney you have chosen has been cancelled. The attorney’s power of attorney has been revoked and is no longer valid.

What is the cost of hiring a lawyer in Turkey?

The average cost of lawyer services in Turkey is  1000 £, which is a relatively small amount compared to other countries, given the services that the lawyer will provide from ensuring the completion of the purchase process without facing problems and verifying restrictions and mortgages on the property and ensuring the safety of the process without Exposure to fraud and deception.

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