Commercial real estate in Turkey, is it recommended for investment

Some Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Trabzon have become a center for launching investment activities in Turkey, which is the first destination for investors wishing to establish a smooth investment business with high returns on a safe and economically stable ground.

The so-called commercial real estate has spread throughout Turkey, so what are commercial real estate? Is it recommended to invest in it?

What are commercial real estate and what are its types?

Real estate that is specifically designed for use in investments and economic activities is known as commercial real estate, and it may be in the form of private commercial areas or within residential complexes, and it varies according to its uses from offices to shops and even stores and warehouses that are used for commercial purposes.

Where offices can be used to create your own project and start practicing your business in it, you can also start a business in the shops or rent them to another business owner, and you can resell them to some at a greater profit.

Hotels can be considered one of the most important commercial real estate because they are created specifically For investment, as Turkey is a tourist destination for many countries in summer and winter, and its location is close to most countries, especially the Arab countries, in addition to its picturesque nature and mild climate, hotels are among the most commercial real estate that brings great profits to its investors due to the annual increase in tourists.

Commercial real estate in Turkey

Is it advisable to invest in commercial real estate in Turkey?

Investment in Turkey is generally successful, especially in the field of real estate, where Turkey is one of the most attractive countries for real estate investment for various purposes, whether tourist or commercial, and commercial real estate in Turkey is characterized as fruitful real estate that returns many profits to its investors during record times, and undoubtedly.

Investment in commercial real estate in Turkey has become one of the most important foundations for development in the Turkish real estate market and a major option for investors, especially after the government facilitated routine procedures and issued laws that promote this commercial activity and granted the possibility of installments for investors and exemption from taxes partially or completely in certain cases and granting citizenship in exchange for investment if the investor owns real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars.

What distinguishes investing in commercial real estate in Turkey?

Turkey being the preferred destination for tourism, trade, study and investment in general, made investors want to find real estate that suits their various investment purposes, so the diversity of commercial real estate with what suits Turkey’s advantages is the most important characteristic of investing in these real estate, as well as the Turkish real estate investment market The vital market, which is a promising market, which has not been affected by any economic problems experienced by the country in general, and is characterized by its long-term investments, the benefit of whose returns reach several years.

The Turkish real estate market is affected by other factors, including the country’s infrastructure, and since Turkey is witnessing continuous development at the level of infrastructure and major projects, the demand for real estate in general and commercial real estate in particular has increased, and therefore the prices of these properties are constantly rising, which means that Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey is one of the most profitable options and a safe haven for capital.

Commercial real estate

What factors should be considered when buying a commercial property?

When thinking about buying a commercial property, the first thing to consider is the appropriateness of the area in which the property is located for the main purpose of the property.

For example, the location of commercial offices should be chosen in areas where trade is active, and real estate offices should be in areas where real estate activity is increasing, It can be close to the places of new development projects and close to the main roads in the country.

If the purpose of buying the property is to rent it to students of science, it is better to choose its location near the well-known universities, while hotels should be chosen in places that attract tourists by nature or Its effects.

As for the quality of the property, one of the most important things to focus on is that the property is free of moisture factors, and ensure that it receives good continuous ventilation, enjoys good services and is free of any mortgage or restriction on ownership.

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