The 6 most important points to focus on when buying an apartment in Turkey

Buying an apartment in Turkey is one of the most popular things in the recent period, and the Turkish real estate market has witnessed a remarkable growth, but buying apartments requires knowledge of the real estate market and a study of the available options, and there are several points to consider before buying an apartment in Turkey that we will talk about in this article.

What are the most important points to consider when buying an apartment in Turkey?

buying an apartment in Turkey

First: the apartment infrastructure

The first thing to be sure when buying an apartment in Turkey is its infrastructure, checking the quality of materials used in construction, electrical and sanitary installations, ensuring the validity of light sockets and water taps, the ease of opening and closing doors and windows, and if the house is It has natural ventilation, good lighting.

and checking the humidity so that it is not high, and if all of the above are in good condition, it will reduce the additional costs of buying the apartment and make it suitable for living.

Second: the location of the apartment and the surrounding environment

It is necessary to know if the location of buying an apartment in Turkey is suitable for the needs of the buyer so that it is close to his work, or close to universities and schools for his children in case the apartment is for the family, and if the lifestyle of the residents in the area is commensurate with the lifestyle that the buyer wants, It is compatible with its culture and traditions, and whether the surrounding environment is healthy to live in and free from sources of pollution and disturbance.

Third: the view of the house

sea view apartment

Apartments in Turkey are available with different views, whether on the sea, green views, forests, or natural and artificial lakes, and the buyer can take a tour to see the different views when buying an apartment in Turkey and choose what suits him. And making sure that there are no neighboring buildings that block the natural light or pollutants that spoil the surrounding nature.

Fourth: room divisions

When buying an apartment in Turkey, the buyer must carefully study the divisions of the rooms in the apartment if it suits the needs of his family, their number and ages, and whether the spaces are suitable for living and fit the furniture you want in your apartment, and if the buyer wants to work from his home, he should Choose an apartment that has a private space and is suitable for work.

room divisions

Fifth: The possibility of making adjustments

In the event that all the specifications of the apartment are suitable and the buyer wants to make some modifications, he should consult a specialized engineer and inform him of the details of the apartment and the modifications he wants, and whether they are possible and calculating their cost if they are within the buyer’s budget, and the engineer can easily discover building defects in case Its presence and advising the buyer about the modifications to be made.

Sixth: The legal status of the apartment

When buying an apartment in Turkey, it should not be enough to look inside the apartment and its view.

but the legal situation should be checked after agreeing on all the details of the property and the buyer’s desire to transfer the ownership of the apartment to him, such as the presence of official papers that mention all the details of the property and that the property is officially registered with the government.

And make sure of its real owner and the correctness of his data, and that there are no mortgages or restrictions on the title deed and whether there are monthly installments or dues on the part.

This can be done easily by referring to the real estate registry where you are provided with all the information.

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