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The number of tourists coming to Istanbul is increasing every year, the same questions are always repeated, where are best shopping malls in Istanbul? What are the best souvenirs we can buy? What are the best malls in Istanbul?

The major outlet malls in Istanbul are widely spread in all neighborhoods, Turks have been accustomed to shopping in these malls for several years and they are always crowded, especially during holidays and seasons, where they compete among themselves by offering offers and discounts, which drives shoppers to seize the opportunity.

The malls in Istanbul have been prepared to be entertainment stations for visitors and give them a unique experience that they have not tried before, as each of these malls has a special imprint that makes it different from others, which made it attract visitors to live an atmosphere they were not familiar with before, we will talk in this article about some of the most important malls in Istanbul.

list of the best shopping malls in Istanbul

1.     Mall of Istanbul:

This huge mall was opened in 2014 and is considered one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul, and is characterized by its spacious area that can take a long time to roam in. Huge mall.

best shopping, malls in istanbul

The mall includes about 400 stores of the most important international brands, and these stores contain a variety of goods such as clothing, electronic devices, food, games and stores for furniture and home furnishings. 

other thing made it The best outlet malls in Istanbul because it contains the largest amusement park in Europe, second reason we based on to categories it the mall the second reason which made Mall of Istanbul one of the best outlet malls in Istanbul, it hosts a number of international exhibitions. Various goods come to Istanbul from all over the world are displayed on a regular basis in festivals.

2.     Venezia Mall:

Venezia Mall is located on the European side of Istanbul in the Gaziosmanpaşa district, and includes about 180 shops, and it is known as the Venice Mall in Istanbul, where you will feel while walking around that you are in the heart of the Italian city of Venice and its squares and landmarks are in front of you.

venezia mall, shopping malls in istanbul

It has become one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul after attracting tourists with its unique design, as it has an ancient square around which Italian and international restaurants are spread, and shops are distributed around water channels in which elegant boats sail, just like in the Italian city of Venice.

3.     Forum Istanbul Mall:

Forum Istanbul Mall opened in 2009 in the Bayrampaşa district with an area of 176000 square meters dedicated to shopping, comprising about 300 shops of the most famous international brands. The mall also includes residential buildings, facilities and services.

Forum Istanbul Mall, best mall in istanbul

one of the reasons which make Forum Istanbul Mall one of the best outlet malls in Istanbul, it contains the Snow Museum, which is one of the most beautiful museums in Istanbul and attracts many visitors annually.

The mall also includes a turquoise aquarium, which contains many rare fish and marine creatures, which is one of the amazing tourist places in Istanbul.

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4.     Cevahir Mall in Istanbul:

cevahir mall, best malls in istanbul

It is called the Mall of Arabia due to the demand of Arab tourists, and it is located in the Sisli district in the European section of Istanbul, the major reason which makes Forum Istanbul Mall one of the best outlet malls in Istanbul, it contains approximately 290 stores, in addition to a theater, cinemas, and a children’s entertainment center, and around it are high-end hotels characterized by luxury.

you can also add other luxury outlet malls in Istanbul like:

5.     Aqua florya Istanbul Mall:

The mall contains stores of the most important international and Turkish brands, in addition to cinemas and many restaurants. It was built with a sea view that can be accessed by various means of transportation and then move inside it and watch the types of exotic and diverse marine creatures and follow their movements and their dazzling ways of life.

Aqua florya Istanbul Mall, outlet malls in istanbul

6.     Zeruj Port Mall:

This mall is distinguished by its location in the center of Istanbul in ‘Zeytinburnu’  so it considers one of the best malls in Istanbul and has been opened to house approximately 126 stores of the most important international brands, which mostly specialize in veiled women’s clothing and accessories.

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 Zeruj Port Mall, outlet malls in istanbul

7.     Zorlu Mall:

It is located in the European section of Istanbul and includes about 1205 stores for high-end brands. The mall contains two floors that include many stores for fashion and world-famous brands.

It also includes a floor dedicated to international restaurants and cafes, and an upper floor is characterized by a unique design that includes international shops spread in a wonderful way.

In the open air, green spaces and water bodies connect between them, which gives a wonderful charm to the place.

 Zorlu Mall, malls in istanbul

In the middle of the mall is a three-storey cube-shaped building similar to New York buildings, dedicated to the sale and maintenance of all Apple devices, and this is made it the best shopping malls in Istanbul and what distinguishes it from the rest of Istanbul malls as it includes the only Apple branch on the European side of Istanbul.




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