6 reasons to invest in Basin Express, is it profitable or not?

When you want to invest in a country, you undoubtedly want to choose the ideal area for your investment. In this article, we will talk about one of the most promising areas in the investment sector in Turkey, Basin Express, and we will mention the reasons that make invest in Basin Express an ideal investment opportunity and the best real estate destination.

About Basin Express :

Basin Express is one of the most prestigious European areas of Istanbul, and constitutes the second commercial nerve of Istanbul.

The region attracts the attention of investors and businessmen for its rapid growth in the real estate market in Istanbul, as it is considered one of the most important real estate projects and is surrounded by the largest investments in the city and during the last few years.

The last area has witnessed an increase in real estate prices by 20 times, and the area was classified within the strategic plan of the Greater Istanbul Municipality as a prestigious service area and a business center of top priority, which means that it will soon rank first as a residential and commercial investment area.

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What makes Basin Express special?

One of the most important factors that give the Basin Express location great importance, is that it constitutes a real and irreplaceable lifeline, linking the most modern and vibrant Istanbul roads, E-5 and TEM roads, which are a transportation hub.

The area is located within the borders of 4 municipalities (Kucuk Çekmece – Bahçeliegler – Bagcilar – Mahmud Bey), which is the closest to Istanbul International Airport, the Northern Marmara Road and the metro line, which makes it the first transportation node, and gives easy access to anywhere in Istanbul.

Is it advisable to invest in Basin Express?

The Basin Express area is a milestone in the world of investment, and despite the many investment areas in Istanbul, it remains in a prestigious position and is not comparable with any other area, due to the high level that this region enjoys, and the efforts of the Turkish government to develop it until it became an area a major investment for more than 30 residential projects, and a destination for businessmen and high-income employees.

This growth and the great demand in the region was positively reflected in real estate prices, which witnessed a remarkable increase not only in the region but even in the surrounding areas, so it is one of the most The investment areas are profitable at the present time and will witness more in the future.

What are the reasons to invest in Basin Express?

1. The strategic location in the most important transportation node in Istanbul, which constitutes a meeting point for the business world and many commercial and residential projects, which means an increase in demand for real estate in the region, and consequently high prices and good profits.

2. The area includes many mega projects, advanced complexes, high-end hotels, offices and famous shopping centers, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists and even locals.

3. The area contains a lot of land that can be invested, and it is a promising area for residential projects.

4. The district constitutes an important business center and a new investment destination in Istanbul, and all properties in Basin Express are guaranteed by the government for a period of up to 3 years.

5. The residential complexes in Basin Express are characterized by luxurious modern designs, and the apartments are equipped with smart systems that make life easier and at a prestigious level that every person dreams of.

6. Basin Express area is surrounded by many services, transportation, education centers, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment centers, cultural centers and conference halls, which means easy access to any place you want in record time.

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What are the advantages of investing in Turkey in general?

1. The Turkish economy ranks among the strongest economies around the world, the most growing and attracting capital, and it occupies the sixth place in the world.

2. Turkey has an advanced, high-tech infrastructure that would provide all requirements for successful investment at a low cost compared to other countries.

3. Availability of labor and a high percentage of working youth in Turkey.

4. Turkey does not differentiate in dealing with a foreign citizen or a Turkish citizen in the field of investment, as it treats the foreign investor as it treats the Turkish investor, sometimes with a percentage of up to 100%.

5. Real estate in Turkey is much cheaper than in Europe, with the same features and infrastructure.

6. Due to the strength of tourism, economic activity and rapid development, real estate investment in Turkey provides very profitable investment returns.

7. Low taxes and tax exemptions in certain cases, which is the most important reason that motivated foreign investors to invest their money in Turkey. read more.

8. Obtaining a residence permit that can be renewed annually, and obtaining Turkish citizenship in the event of owning real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars. read more.

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