6 advantages that make investing in tourist real estate in Turkey profitable

Tourist area in Turkey

What is tourist real estate?

Tourist real estate includes all the buildings located in the places where tourists are frequent, and they are used to serve tourists such as restaurants, cafes, and rest houses that receive tourists during their tours between cities and provide various services.

Hotels are among the most important tourist properties, especially hotels whose branches are spread around the world, and commercial malls are very popular with tourists and can be considered as tourist properties.

In addition to other properties that can be classified as tourism, such as holiday homes, chalets with sea views, and annual rental homes, which are specifically targeted at tourists.

What are the types of investment in tourist real estate in Turkey?

The fields of investment business in Turkey vary, and those who wish to invest in tourist real estate in Turkey can find many irreplaceable opportunities, as Turkey has a strong infrastructure that will contribute to the success of any investment project in Turkey, and it can be used to create types of Multiple projects and huge profits.

The following are the most important types of investment in tourist real estate in Turkey:

Investing in hotels in Turkey:

Hotels are among the best investment real estate in tourism, especially international hotels, which have good capacity and high-quality services. Investment in the hotel sector achieves high returns, and the annual profit rate increases between 8-15% of the property value.

Investing in malls in Turkey:

The malls include many large stores of the most famous international brands, game halls, cinemas, a number of well-known restaurants, and many other recreational activities, making it one of the most attractive places for tourists and the most prominent forms of tourism investment in Turkey.

commercial mall in Turkey

Investing in restaurants and cafes in Turkey:

Restaurants are the main destination for tourists in Turkey after their long tours, to enjoy their meals and try the foods that Turkey is famous for, and they are a successful investment with great profits, especially restaurants located in places frequented by tourists.

A restaurant in Turkey

Investing in tourist apartments in Turkey:

Tourist apartments include apartments that are rented annually, seasonally or during holidays, and apartments overlooking the sea (chalets), which are among the most important properties that are rented with large returns during short periods.

Is investing in tourist real estate in Turkey profitable?

Real estate investment in Turkey is a successful investment in general, and is one of the most prominent economic activities in the world, and in particular, investment in tourist real estate in Turkey is undoubtedly the most profitable, especially after the Turkish government encourages tourism and investment and provides forms of support to foreign investors Turkey has become the number one attraction for tourists globally, and investing in tourist real estate in Turkey enjoys a diversity of opportunities and many privileges that we will mention later.

What are the most important advantages of investing in tourist real estate in Turkey?

Tourist area in Turkey

Turkey’s distinguished location across the European and Asian continents and its location near many Arab countries is the first factor to be in a globally prestigious center in the field of tourism and investment, and the most important characteristic of investing in tourist real estate in Turkey is:

  1. Turkey contains a large number of airports, and one of the largest airports in the world, which provides fast and safe transportation inside and outside Turkey.
  2. The great cultural diversity in Turkey due to its vast area, which makes it a desirable destination for both Arab and foreign tourists.
  3. Large global trading markets.
  4. Strong infrastructure, communication networks and vital transportation that cover most parts of the country, and the diversity of the means of land, sea and air points in Turkey.
  5.  It includes many tourist cities, in which there are various tourist elements that meet the desires of different tourists.
  6. The historical and cultural richness, the diversity of civilizations that were founded on the Turkish lands, and its richness in religious and archaeological sites.

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