5 of the most famous streets of Istanbul

The streets of Istanbul are characterized by their permanent vitality, as they are often crowded, whether from local residents or tourists, who consider Istanbul their destination for tourism, entertainment, shopping and enjoyment of the charming archaeological monuments and the picturesque nature that catches the eye, in addition to the spread of luxury restaurants and high-end cafes in every street of The streets of Istanbul, each of which has a unique character that makes it distinct in itself, in this article we will talk about the most famous streets of Istanbul and what distinguishes each street from others.

What are the most famous streets of Istanbul?

Istanbul includes some streets that are more lively than others,  people constantly go to shopping, walking along them, enjoying watching buildings, visiting malls and entertainment centers,  among the most vibrant Istanbul streets:

1. Istiklal Street in Istanbul:

One of the most famous streets of Istanbul and the most important tourist and nationally, where the street includes on its long stretch amazing historical buildings and shops of the most prominent brands that contain all the goods you may think of, the street is famous for its vitality and youthful spirit as it includes many cinemas and cultural centers And entertainment, which makes it a favorite of the younger generation and a favorite destination for tourists to enjoy life in the beating heart of Istanbul.

Istiklal Street is one of the most attractive streets in Istanbul for visitors, especially those keen to discover the history of Istanbul, where there is one of the offices that store rare books, maps and history books, and you cannot end your tour without passing through the flower corridor and the Dervish Museum, known as the Galata Museum. And the Church of St. Anthony, which reflects the splendor of Gothic architecture in antiquity.

2. Baghdad Street in Istanbul:

The reason for naming Baghdad Street goes back to the Ottoman era, as it was named in celebration of the annexation of Baghdad to the Ottoman Empire.

 It is the oldest street of Asian Istanbul, located in the Kadikoy district, which is crowded with visitors who are eager to learn the ancient history of the region, see the remains of ancient palaces, enjoy picnics on the shore of the Marmara Sea.

Baghdad Street is also known as Fashion Street, as it includes a group of high-end stores for the most famous brands, which provide everything that comes to your mind from clothes, souvenirs and other needs. It is also one of Istanbul’s most famous streets for its many cafes and restaurants, known as the best Istanbul restaurants and you can’t walk around Baghdad Street without having a special meal there.

3. Sisli Street in Istanbul:

Sisli Street is the most prestigious street among the streets of Istanbul, which has become the best destination for tourists in Istanbul.

The feast includes huge shopping centers, high-end hotels, a number of museums, mosques and ancient churches. The street is a simulation of the lively modern life that is full of adventure and entertainment in Istanbul and you can spend the whole day in it without getting bored and on this street there is one of the most important and largest malls in Istanbul, Cevahir Mall, which includes a number of high-end stores, restaurants and cinemas.

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If you are a fan of learning about history, you can visit Ahlamur Palace and Ataturk Museum, wander among the archaeological holdings and go back to the ancient past. You can also try the cable car that connects Sisli and Taksim in Maska Park and enjoy the charming nature during the trip.

4. Osmanbey Street in Istanbul:

Osmanbey Street is an embodiment of Istanbul’s bustling life and one of the most attractive streets of Istanbul, as it includes a selection of the best Istanbul hotels and many shops containing souvenirs that tourists can buy. It also includes a number of clothing, shoes and cosmetics stores, which are distinguished Kinds of quality.

Streets in Istanbul

The street includes a number of distinctive restaurants and cafes that are famous for serving the original Turkish coffee, Turkish tea and the most delicious Turkish sweets that tourists usually stop to taste and take a rest after a long tour in the streets of Istanbul.

5. Umbrellas Street in Istanbul:

The street gained its fame since the shop owners started hanging colored umbrellas on the street to block the sun’s rays, then the umbrellas became a distinctive character for the street.

Umbrella Street became one of the most beautiful streets in Istanbul, which tourists are keen to pass through and take special pictures under the colored umbrellas and enjoy tasting special drinks in one of the cafes and a visit to the games and gift shops with reasonable prices, where the street is one of the streets that allow you to deal with the Istanbul community closely, away from the extravagance and luxury.

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