10 steps to buy a property in Turkey

Why do foreigners want to buy a property in Turkey?

The Turkish real estate market is growing day by day and real estate prices are increasing at remarkable rates annually, which makes the returns from real estate investment in Turkey certain, as for foreigners who prefer to buy homes for holidays or permanent housing, Turkey is also a good attraction for this type of real estate buyers. , As it includes various tourist and entertainment places and different options of real estate that suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Why do foreigners need advice before purchasing real estate?

The process of buying a property in another country is not as easy as buying in your home country, there are several reasons that make people hesitate before buying a property in a foreign country and they seek advice from more experienced people, and the most important of these reasons:

  • Fear of being defrauded, or wasting time and money.
  • Insufficient familiarity with the laws and regulations governing real estate transactions in the foreign country.
  • Legislation governing foreigners’ purchase of real estate in the target country.
  • The different languages, linguistic and cultural barriers that exist in all countries.
  • Fear that arises because you are not located in the country in which you are purchasing.

And because we understand these concerns, we have pre

pared an adequate study and a careful analysis in addition to a measure of experience that makes us in a good position to provide advice to avoid the risks of potential real estate purchases, and we put in your hands our guide and our instructions to walk with you step by step

 to make sure that the property you want in Turkey is purchased as much as possible. A measure of smoothness and safety.

What are the steps taken while buying a property in Turkey?

The first step: search for the property

There are thousands of properties for sale in Turkey, 

with different specifications and prices, hundreds of real estate agents who will tell you different advice.

After you search for the area that suits your needs, budget and lifestyle, please contact us, and through our knowledge of Turkey and our experience in dealing with more than 2000 real estate deals, we will provide you with explicit information about all regions of Turkey, and we will also direct you to the best sources for legal matters. And the technology related to buying real estate in Turkey.

Second Step: Find the right dealer

When searching for a home in Turkey through websites, make sure of the reliability of the agents, comparisons and various evaluations by customers, and see if they have been around for a long time, so that they are strong, expert and credible agents, to understand your requirements and desires.

Turkey is a huge country and buying a property in Turkey is a lifestyle choice and more than just a ownership process, so the agent you deal with must be forward-looking and experienced, so that he can understand your requirements and appreciate the lifestyle you are looking for and guide you. For regions according to different cultures and climates, otherwise he will not be able to guide you properly.

Third step: Talk to your real estate agent and build a good relationship with him

Some people may feel shy about talking to the real estate agent 

on the phone, and think that it is inappropriate to talk for long periods, in fact it is important to talk at length to your agent and get to know him more so that you do not face problems when buying and not be prejudiced by agents who are not experienced or interested in selling Just as it is important that your agent gets to know you well to create a strong relationship that will help your agent understand you and motivate him to do his best for you, and when the agent is able to understand your needs, you will feel that you have found a true agent.

We attach great importance to our strong relationship with our customers, we do not have a specific property to sell to you, we get to know you and listen to your requirements and understand the lifestyle you prefer, then we search for a distinctive home that meets the same requirements in Turkey, we need your help to understand you and find The special place for you in Turkey.

Fourth Step: Visit Turkey

To buy a house in Turkey, you will need to visit Turkey first and learn about the regions, experience life and local cuisine, learn about the culture of the population, and choose the right environment for you to feel comfortable and as if you are in your country.

Fifth step: Explore all options

We will ensure that you visit the largest possible number of real estate and sites of different prices to see them and make sure that you get a property that suits you and is of value to you for the money that you will pay, and we will determine for you through our initial talks and meetings before the viewing trip a lot of properties to see to make sure that you make the decision The correct.

Sixth Step: negotiate the price and terms of purchase

Whatever type of property you buy, we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best prices and conditions, and thanks to our extensive networks, we can secure great discounts from sellers, and as advisors representing you, we will do our best to secure the best possible real estate deal for you.

Also, to set your budget accurately, you must bear in mind that despite the low cost of real estate in Turkey compared to other countries, there are many accidental costs associated with buying real estate in Turkey, you must be aware of them to determine your budget accurately.

The seventh step: Reserve the property and freeze its price

As soon as you find the right property, whether it is a villa or apartment of your dreams in Turkey, we will reserve it for you so that you can proceed with the purchase process, and the cost of booking the property is about 1000 pounds (1100 euros) and it is not refundable, it is paid to the seller as horror. To reserve the property, it is deducted from the agreed purchase price, and if you seize the property and decide to withdraw from the purchase, the deposit will be lost anyway.

The eighth step: Have a lawyer formally hire a lawyer to complete the purchase on your behalf

Hiring a lawyer in Turkey to conclude the deal on your behalf is the easiest way to buy a property in Turkey, as it saves you time and ensures that the purchase process is smooth without obstacles or hindrances and you do not have to stay in Turkey for the duration of the purchase process, and in case it is not You have a private lawyer, you are most welcome, we can recommend you many qualified and highly recommended lawyers that we have worked with to take over your legal affairs throughout the property purchase process.

Ninth step: the final inspection of the drug

It is assumed that the purchase of the property takes about four weeks, after signing the contracts, during which your lawyer will verify the property and conduct the necessary checks, including verification of ownership and verification of the munici

pality to ensure that the property is registered under the freehold system in your name.

Note: Since March 2019, military approval is no longer required for property.

The tenth step: Receive the title deed

The last step to complete the real estate purchase in Turkey is to register the title deed (tapu), once the paperwork is completed and both sides implement their contractual obligations, the house will be registered in your name and you will get the title deed for your new home.

We are always happy to contact you and answer your questions regarding buying real estate in Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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