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    Turkish citizenship

    You can apply for Turkish citizenship by venture whenever you invest in at least $250,000 in Turkey’s private or business properties, you and your family wife and kids younger than 18 will be qualified for Turkish nationality. It is easy to get all you need to do is to get in touch with us or visit us in our office in Istanbul for a no-fee advisory session, legitimate counsel and application for real estate and properties in turkey that are book for citizenship by investment program.

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    Some of Turkey's most profitable property projects with partnerships and exclusive pricing from Akary.

    Turkish Real Estate for Sale

    Turkish citizenship is easy to obtain if you plan a regulated investment in real estate and then approach the process. This way has always been quite popular and has attracted many people towards it. The acquisition of property is not an easy task unless you proceed with it through our firm. We lead you to the best apartments for sale in Turkey. No matter the type of property, we deal in the sale of all.

    Properties to Buy in Turkey

    The availability of Turkish real estate for sale is vast, and thus you must choose appropriately and through informed and trusted channels. Your qualification for Turkish citizenship will be steadfast if you invest over or above $250,000 in the process to buy Turkish Property. The Turkish citizenship will also lay open for your spouse and kids if above 18years of age. We have the best Turkish estate agents, well-versed in the sector of property price in Turkey, and will help you to figure out what properties to buy in Turkey as per your needs. The advisory session at Akary is free of cost, and you can avail of it by getting in touch with us through virtual or telephonic communication or by simply visiting our office in Istanbul. Are you about to buy a home in Istanbul? We will guide you through a legitimate process and stand by your side until the deed is done.

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